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Happy Long Weekend

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. The weather appears to be cooperating so far, for the campers or gardeners, whatever is on everyone's agenda.

Things are going well for the next big weekend for us and for lots of you I hope. that of course will be Jamboree Weekend.

Rod was out helping at the Erickson Campground yesterday as the Campground Committee installed some new play structures for the campers. I did not get a picture but it is not quite finished yet but it is going to be awesome. The campground looks to be in really good shape.

Rod and Larry got all the signage up along the highway, RM has the sign up on the Town board.

The Gold Nuggett has some advance tickets for sale and some raffle tickets soon, so if you are going by be sure to stop and pick some up. Stop for a coffee or a meal while you are there.

Rod and Grant checked out dance floor and will have that ready for the weekend as we have lots of great bands coming and there will be lots of dancing to be done.

We are receiving some great auction prizes and some very generous cash donations. So keep those coming please and thank you.

Till next time...

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