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It's almost time, seven more sleeps!!

Time is flying by, there are only seven more sleeps and still lots of little jobs to do. We have lots of help and good people to get all the little details looked after.

We will be having more raffle tickets for sale and you can e-mail us through this site or call at us 204-865-2447, cell 204-867-7056 and get your book. Just $11.00 a book and a chance to win some cash.

If anyone would like to make a donation to our live, silent or Rainbow Auction it would be much appreciated. Give us a call and we can tell you where to leave it or we could do a pickup.

One more request. If anyone likes to do face painting I am short one for Sunday. Help put a smile on someone's face, whether it be a cat, a dog or a monster. Kids are not that fussy.

Well, that's it for tonight! Sleep tight!

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